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How to Sing For Healing

In the field of music education and music therapy, we often marvel at the wondrous healing power of music. Stories are told of comatose patients responding to musical stimuli and vegetative Alzheimer’s patients who cannot recognize their own children springing to life upon hearing a familiar memory from their childhood. Oliver Sacks has written an entire book titled Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain that, through a series of vignettes, tells the story of the remarkable relationship between synapses and symphonies.

What seems to receive less attention among scholars however, is the relationship between music—singing specifically—and the body. When done properly, singing, even by yourself, can do wonders for your health. In this article, I will describe one easy technique for healing and relaxation that you can do anywhere, anytime with just your voice and your body. (Although you can sing just about anywhere you want, the first few times you do this exercise I would recommend finding a quiet place where nobody will be bothered by you singing loudly.)

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